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Art, Architecture & Photography Books provides easy access to 1000's of bestselling arts, architecture and photography books online and other popular book titles, including audio and ebooks. Browse by category to see other current bestsellers by subject and author links.

 Recommended Titles:

The Book of Clouds

John Day - or 'Cloudman' as he is known to thousands of Americans, both through his pioneering website and his visits to schools around the country - is truly the doyen of international cloud scholars. This book is the culmination of decades of research and reading, and is full of all manner of wit and wisdom concerning clouds, 'the patron goddesses of idle men', as the dramatist Aristophanes described them. The photographs, many of them taken by Day himself, are outstanding, and do much to bring the book to glorious life, showing how the sky really is an enormous free outdoor cinema screen. What a lovely book.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers: A Professional Image Editor's Guide to the Creative Use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC

Which Digital Camera
One of the best and most comprehensive guides available...Each
section includes examples with before and after images; we found some of
the ideas really inspiring...If you are a photographer using CS2, this book
is a must buy

Advanced Photoshop
This one book excellently covers all aspects of Photoshop CS2 and
presents them clearly from the photographer's point of view

The Digital Photography Book

There are lots of big shiny books out there that tell you all about digital photography and while many of these are great books, they can be a little intimidating too.

Scott Kelby, author of many of the better photography boooks out there has now come up with the antidote. The Digital Photography Book is a mere 200 odd pages and is just slightly bigger than A5 in size yet contains a whole lot of useful information that will almost certainly improve anyone's photography.

Each page is a self-contained tip or concept, often with an inspiring image for illustration. The text is rarely more than a paragraph or two yet manages to get important and useful stuff covered concisely and clearly...

Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera - Bryan Peterson

More than 100 vivid, graphic comparison pictures illustrate every point in this classic and can help any photographer maximize the creative impact of his or her exposure decisions. Peterson stresses the importance of metering the subject for a starting exposure and then explains how to use various exposure meters and different kinds of lighting. The book contains lessons on each element of the triangle and how it relates to the other two in terms of depth of field, freezing and blurring action, and shooting in low light or at night...

New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook: Guided Practice in the Five Basic Skills of Drawing

For anyone who has decided that they can not draw at all this is the book for you. It is a pratical book. To start off all you need is a pencil and a rubber.This will get you through the first 7 exercises and if you are like me get you very enthusiastic. The book starts with 3 exercises to show your starting ability and then has 37 more exercises using the techniques given. The sketches are done in the book. The book also includes a pullout viewfinder tool. Just brilliant.

"Grand Designs" Handbook: The Blueprint for Building Your Dream Home

This is an intelligent, thoughtful book by one of the most articulate commentators on modern architecture and building design. For many UK TV viewers, Kevin McCloud's regular Grand Designs programmes are compelling viewing, illustrating both the practical issues that self-builders and developers face, as well as challenging the motivations that inspire people to create their own homes. This is far from just a "book of the series". It's a guide to building your own home - equally of value for extenders, developers or those thinking about how to improve the design of the space they live in - written in three sections - thinking, dreaming and doing...

Through the Lens: "National Geographic" Greatest Photographs

Leah Bendavid-Val - Since the 10.5 million images in National Geographic's possession won't fit in a book, the 250 in this moderately glossy, minimally costly collection will do nicely. Through the Lens is a stunning collection of photos judiciously apportioned to represent the regions of the earth, the sea and outer space; humans and nature; and even the history of the medium--a few historic black and whites contrast dramatically with the eye-popping modern colour shots that dominate the book..

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order: Form, Space, and Order

This is a new edition of the classic visual reference to the principles of architecture. For more than 30 years, the beautifully illustrated "Architecture: Form, Space & Order" has been the classic introduction to the basic vocabulary of architectural design. This Third Edition now includes a companion CD-ROM featuring interactive digital models created by Professor Ching, along with new considerations of environmental factors, building codes, and contemporary examples of form, space, and order.

The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957

The Scotsman, 2007
'Featuring photographs of some of the most iconic designs of that age, the book offers an insight into a moment and style, although long since passed, is now more in evidence than ever thanks to the retrospective trends on the high street'

Elle Decoration, 2007
'A gorgeous book'

Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Classroom in a Book S.) - Adobe Creative Team, Anita Dennis

A fully updated revision of the best-selling guide to Adobe Photoshop CS2.; Comprehensive, project-based lessons teach readers the fundamental concepts and techniques in Photoshop CS2.; Covers the new features, which include: Vanishing Point, Image Warp, Smart Sharpen, Spot Healing Brush, and more.; Self-paced lessons give users a complete tour of the software with the ease of working at their own desktop. This thorough, self-paced guide to Adobe Photoshop CS2 - written by the experts at Adobe Systems' is ideal for beginning users who want to learn key Photoshop concepts and techniques, while readers who already have some experience with Photoshop can use this book to learn Photoshop CS2's more advanced features and newest tools.

The Art Book

This book is a must have for any art student or anybody who has the slightest interest in art. It is easy to cross reference artists, it provides brief yet concise information upon the artist, their characteristic style, and to top it of a full colour image of a characteristic / typical piece of the artist. Its size means it can be taken anywhere and will fit in your handbag :) and has kept me amused on many bus trips...

Things a Woman Should Know About Style - Karen Homer

Firm but always fair, Karen Homer lays down the law and makes sure you hever have to commit another fashion faux-pas. Discover why you can never have too many white T-shirts, how to choose the right shoes and when to say "no" to this season's high fashion trends. Packed with humour and offering a wry sideways look at the world of women's style, this book should have you laughing in recognition. This book covers the hazards of choosing underwear through to finding the right wedding outfit.

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