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Author Profiles: Peter F. Hamilton - Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Author Name: Peter F. Hamilton

Brief Biography:

Peter F. Hamilton was born in Rutland on 2nd March 1960. He didn’t go to university and in an interview said: “I did science up to age 18, I stopped doing English, English literature, writing at 16, I just wasn’t interested in those days.” He’s not alone I suspect!

Peter F. Hamilton began writing in 1987, and sold his first short story to Fear magazine in 1988. He is best known for writing ‘Space Opera’, which is a sub-genre of science fiction that focuses on romantic and often melodramatic adventure. It is usually set mainly or entirely in space, and centred around conflict between opponents possessing powerful (and highly imaginative) technologies and abilities.

Peter F. Hamilton: Book Author.

Peter F. Hamilton’s first novel was Mindstar Rising (Book1 of the Greg Mandel series), published in 1993, and he has churned them out since then. As of the publication of his tenth novel in 2004, his books had sold over 2 million copies worldwide, making him one of the UK’s best-selling science fiction authors. He generally writes using a clean straightforward style, with his space opera characterised by the way it switches between a number of different characters, whose paths are separate initially but eventually come together. Common threads often include politics, religion, and war, and the occasional sex scenes can be quite explicit.

Peter F. Hamilton lives near Rutland Water with his wife Kate, daughter Sophie and son Felix.



The Greg Mandel series:
Mindstar Rising, 1993, published by Pan Books
A Quantum Murder, 1994, published by Tor Books
The Nano Flower, 1995, published by Pan Books

The Night’s Dawn Trilogy (Confederation Universe):
The Reality Dysfunction, 1996, published by Grove Publishing
The Neutronium Alchemist, 1998, published by Warner Books
The Naked God, 1999, published by Pan Macmillan

Others in the Confederation Universe:
A Second Chance at Eden, 1998, a collection of short stories published by Tor Books
The Confederation Handbook, 2000, published by Tor Books

The Commonwealth Saga:
Pandora’s Star, 2004, published by Tor Books
Judas Unchained, 2005, published by Tor Books

The Void Trilogy:
The Dreaming Void, 2007, published by Pan MacMillan
The Temporal Void, 2008, published by Pan MacMillan
The Evolutionary Void, forthcoming 2010

Other Novels:
Fallen Dragon, 2001, published by Tor Books
Misspent Youth, 2002, published by Tor Books

Short Fiction:
Deathday, 1991
Falling Stones, 1992
Adam’s Gene, 1993
Spare Capacity, 1993
The Suspect Genome, 1993, featuring Greg Mandel
Starlight Dreamer, 1994
Eat Reecebread, 1994, with Graham Joyce
The White Stuff, 1997, with Graham Joyce
Escape Route, 1997
Watching Trees Grow, 2000
Footvote, 2005
The Forever Kitten, 2005
Blessed by an Angel, 2007

Prizes and Awards:

2002 Arthur C. Clarke Award (best novel nominee) for Fallen Dragon

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