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Author Profiles: Simon Kernick - Crime & Thrillers

Author Name: Simon Kernick

Brief Biography:

Simon Kernick was born in 1966 in Slough, England. After leaving school in the mid 1980s he worked in a variety of jobs and spent several years living and travelling in Canada and the USA before returning to England via Australia and the Far East to complete his studies. He graduated from Brighton Polytechnic in 1991 with a degree in Humanities and eventually found work in London as a computer software salesman, in which profession he stayed for the rest of the ‘90s despite feeling there was more to life. He rekindled his long-term interest in story writing and wrote two crime books, neither of which were met with much of a welcome, before finally embarking on ‘The Business of Dying’, the story of a police officer who moonlights as a hitman, which was completed early in 2001 and sold to Transworld, his current publishers, in September of that year. The book was released in July 2002 to much critical acclaim with The Guardian describing it as ‘a gem’, and The Independent hailing it as ‘the crime debut of the year’. From there he has gone from strength to strength. Simon now lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and two daughters, and is currently working on book number 7.

Simon Kernick - Author.

Interesting snippets:

Before becoming a full-time author Simon Kernick tried many and varied jobs, for example a labourer on a road-building gang; stockroom assistant for a major IT company; fruit picker; computer software salesman; barman; Christmas tree feller. University of life you might say!


‘The Last 10 Seconds’, forthcoming January 2010
‘Target’, released November 2009
‘‘Deadline’, released July 2008
Severed’ released June 2007
‘Relentless’ released June 2006
‘A Good Day to Die’ released June 2005
‘The Crime Trade’ released June 2004
‘The Murder Exchange’ released June 2003
‘The Business of Dying’ released July 2002

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