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Author Profiles: Victoria Hislop - General Fiction

Author Name: Victoria Hislop

Brief Biography:

Victoria Hislop was born in Kent and grew up in Tonbridge. She read English at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and later worked in book publishing and then public relations.

When she became a mother in 1990, it was the catalyst for a change of career and she began working as a freelance journalist, specialising in features on parenting and education. When one of the magazines she was writing for asked her to do a piece on Australia, she branched into travel journalism and has since been to every continent. She has written on everything from white-water rafting on the Colorado River, horse-trekking across the Andes, elephant-riding in India and climbing the Great Wall of China, to buying lingerie in Paris, shoes in Florence and couture in Rome.

Victoria Hislop Author

Victoria's first novel "The Island" was published in 2006 and won her "Newcomer of the Year" at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007. This is a vivid, moving and absorbing tale, with its sensitive, realistic engagement with all the consequences of, and stigma attached to leprosy, making it a lot more than just a holiday read.

After living in London for 20 years she returned to the Kent, where she lives in Sissinghurst with her husband, Ian Hislop, and their two teenage children.


Sink or Swim: The Self-help Book for Men who Never Read Them, 2001, with Duncan Goodhew, published by Vermilion
The Island, 2006, published by Headline Review
The Return, 2008, published by Headline Review

Prizes and Awards:

2006 Richard & Judy Book Club Summer Read for The Island
2007 “Newcomer of the Year” at the Galaxy British Book Awards for The Island
2007 Waterstone’s “Newcomer of the Year” for The Island

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