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Book Reviews : Two For One

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September 2005

Review of Two For One - Sean David Wright

Natalie Jessup - Independent Reviewer

The mark of first-rate comedies is when they successfully disguise serious issues beneath the comedic veil so that the reader ends up hearing a well-meaning message without that message disrupting the enjoyment of having a good time.

Two For One—a novel about having choices is Sean David
Wright’s debut book, a romantic comedy which takes the typical girl-seeks-guy formula one would find in a Jane Green or Marian Keyes story and adds another, saucier element to it by making the main female character, Danielle, a bisexual woman.

Danielle, however, has a problem: even though she’s completely infatuated with her boyfriend, Max—with whom she swears she cannot live without—the duality of her sexual nature is practically screaming at her to let it enjoy the company of women also.

This dilemma is heightened when Danielle meets Katie, an absolutely gorgeous lesbian whom Danielle cannot get out of her mind. But despite the mutual attraction between the two women they know they cannot act upon their feeling because Max is in the picture. Yet it’s Max who unexpectedly comes to the rescue.

Two For One is the kind of book which is perfect for escaping; it’s a bang on easy-to-read comedy that lets you forget the rest of the world while you are turning its pages. But what I like best is what it says should be done about the old-fashioned ideas concerning what makes a legitimate relationship: that they should be smashed apart and re-examined.
Two For One - Sean David Wright
That there is far too much sexual diversity in this world for anyone to believe that the only valid romances are those between one man and one woman. That there are people in this world who are naturally conflicted about what they need in order to feel satisfied on an intimate level and that it's possible for such people to find the satisfaction they crave if given a chance.

The novel was extremely funny and you’ll love the quirks of the three main characters. Max is a misanthropic New Yorker; Danielle has a pricey shopping addiction; and Katie has a sanctimonious streak which often backfires on her. Moreover, it’s very sexy at times and contains a supporting cast that lends richness to the tale as a whole. Buy it if you want to laugh and enjoy a romantic comedy with a very modern day twist.
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